About Ian B Boyd

In a past life, not so long ago, I spent my days laying pavers, building retaining walls and designing gardens. For large parts of each day, there was just me and Jono, looking for any conversation to kill the time as we traipsed back and forward doing the repetitive grunt work. Jono’s glorious brainchild was a book he intended to write entitled 101 Uses for Pavelok; the magical gap filling sand. From that first idea, we began solving many of life’s most pressing issues with appropriately themed books.

Several years passed, and through each twist and turn, it became increasingly obvious to me that I needed to start writing. In learning the art, I have written a number of short stories about whatever inspired me at the time, one such inspiration being The Empty Nested Dragon. The story draws on bits and pieces of a thousand conversations with Jono, and like most stories I write, I have no idea what it all means until I reach the final paragraph. That has been the most rewarding part of what I take from writing. Discovering that even the most nonsensical conversations can amount to something meaningful… to me, anyway.